Monday, August 19, 2013

Kickstarter campaign results

To start off with, I thought I'd do a post summing up how the kickstarter campaign concluded.
At the kickstarter's completion, Paper Sorcerer hit a total of eight stretch goals:

$5500, An extra summon,the Living Doll, with bonus levels

$8,000, Unity Pro, and another desktop wallpaper

$8500 Every box copy signed

$9000 Vote on the two bonus summons

$9500 A new skin for the main character

$10,000 A new summon, the Giant and bonus levels and enemies.

$12,000 Every backer gets a beta to playtest

$13,000 every backer's name will appear in-game, in The Tome of Heroes

And at conclusion, the kickstarter reached a total of $13,151 in funding! Thanks so much to all the backers on kickstarter, I'm still amazed by how much funding Paper Sorcerer received.

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